EmberJS Parse Pdf on Upload - 15 Mar 2016

If you’re building an application that deals with PDF files, then it can be useful to extract information from a PDF that a user wants to upload. Here’s an example of grabbing the page count from a PDF using the pdf.js library.

The first step is installing the library using bower.

  bower install pdfjs-dist --save

Once that’s done, we’ll need to include the file. This can be done by adding the following to ember-cli-build.js:


Now that we’ve finished installing the library we’re going to use to work with PDF files, we can write the code for our component. The first thing we’ll need to do is create a FileReader in the init call of our component.

  init() {
    const fileReader = new FileReader();
    fileReader.onload = get(this, 'parseFile').bind(this);
    this.fileReader = fileReader;

We’ll also need to define the parseFile function on our component, which will handle extracting the page count for us. Here’s what that function should look like:

  parseFile: async function() {
    const data = new Uint8Array(get(this, 'fileReader').result);
    const pdfData = await PDFJS.getDocument(data);
    set(this, 'pageCount', pdfData.numPages);

Once our FileReader is setup, we can pass it the file in our upload action. This example assumes that a fileLoaded action will be called with the file the user has selected.

  actions: {
    fileLoaded: function(file) {
      get(this, 'fileReader').readAsArrayBuffer(file);

With these three pieces in place, we can show a page count to the user when they upload their document. If we’re looking for a document of a specific size, we can display a warning message to the user, etc.. PDFJS can also be used to show a preview of the document, as well as a variety of other features.

I’ve been using the ember-cli-file-picker library for my applications to handle the file selection.