Node - EmberJS Rest Serializer - 28 Jan 2016

Node Rest Serializer

I recently created a module for serializing objects pulled from my database for my JSON Api. I’m currently using the RestSerializer on a few of my projects while waiting for more adoption around the JSON Api. I felt some pain around manually serializing my objects in routes, so I decided to create a library for handling the serialization.

When designing the API for my module, I wanted to keep the interface simple and functional. My goal was to be able to do something simple like the following in my node applications.

  ctx.body = serialize('users', users, {
    sideload: { name: 'posts' },
    without: ['password', 'token']

I’ll typically create a unique serializer for each type of document in my API, which helps to keep my routes cleaner. A user serializer would give me the option to do something like:

  ctx.body = userSerializer(users, { withPosts: true })

If you’re interested in providing an API for the EmberJS RestSerializer, or adding better serialization support in your Node apps, feel free to check out the module, here.