Koa - Current User Middleware - 19 Jan 2016

Most applications on the web have some sort of authentication, and will want to associate a current user with a request. Here’s a quick example of adding that functionality to Koa 2.0 using middleware.

Depending on your application, you will need to tweak a few lines to get it working with your implementation. Notably, you’ll need to adjust the token pieces depending on how requests submit an authentication token to your server. You’ll also need to adjust how you find or load a user based on your ORM.

This example assumes the token is passed in a header that looks like:

  Token token="13p123p123n12pi3n1i31", email=""

It also uses the Thinky ORM for RethinkDB. Here’s an example of the middleware that would go in: middleware/current-user.js

  const User = require('../models/user')

  module.exports = (app) => {
    app.use(async function (ctx, next) {
      // Get the Token from the Header
      const authHeader = ctx.request.header.authorization || ''
      const tokenParts = authHeader.match('token\=\"([a-z0-9]*)\"') || []
      const token = (tokenParts.length ? tokenParts[1] : null)

      if (token) {
        // Load the Current User
        const users = await User.filter({ token: token })
        const user = users[0]

        // Add the Current User to Request State
        ctx.state.currentUser = user

      await next()

    return app

You can then include this middleware in your application by adding the following line to app.js or index.js.


You can then access the current user in your routes with the following code: