EmberJS - ES7 Async/Await - 13 Jan 2016

Async functions are one of the more exciting features of ES7, and they can be a great tool for cleaning up your EmberJS code. Here’s a quick rundown on how you can start using them in your application.

In your ember-cli-build.js file, you’ll need to add a babel option:

  var app = new EmberApp(defaults, {
    babel: {
      includePolyfill: true

You can then start taking advantage of async/await in your app. Here’s a quick example of a component action:

  import Ember from 'ember';
  const { get, set } = Ember;
  const { service } = Ember.inject;

  export default Ember.Component.extend({
    store: service(),

    actions: {
      async register() {
        const user = get(this, 'store').createRecord('user', {
          email: get(this, 'email'),
          username: get(this, 'username'),
          password: get(this, 'password'),
          passwordConfirmation: get(this, 'passwordConfirmation')

        try {
          get(this, 'router').transitionTo('login');
        } catch(e) {
          set(this, 'error', true);