Ember Truth Helpers - 28 Dec 2015

While it’s typically cleaner to keep complicated logic out of your templates, there can be times where you want or need to stick it in your templates. Due to the limitations of the default handlebars if statement, that’s not possible out of the box. I’ll admit this might be for good reason, but I’ve found the ember-truth-helpers addon valuable in some projects.

You can install the addon with:

  ember install ember-truth-helpers

The addon itself provides some straightforward functionality that allows you to add logic to your if statements. For example:

  {{#if (and a b)}}

  {{#each options as |option|}}
    {{#if (eq value option)}}
      <div class="button" {{action 'toggleOption' option}}>

It’s important to keep in mind that a lot of this functionality will be better off in a computed property. If you find you can’t use a computed property in a certain context, then you might want to render each object in a component.

For cases where a component doesn’t make sense, or it’s simpler to keep the logic in the template, then this addon is a great tool.