Custom Ember Validations - 27 Apr 2015

A key component to any single page application is proper client side validations. Providing the user instant feedback when they’re filling out a form is essential to a great user experience.

My favorite library for adding validations to an Ember application is ember-validations. I mentioned the library in one of my previous blog posts.

While ember-validations provides a lot of build in validators, you’ll occasionally want to create a custom validation. Adding a custom validation can be done by creating an appropriate file in the app/validators folder.

Here’s an example of an e-mail validation.


  import Ember from 'ember';
  import Base from 'ember-validations/validators/base';

  export default Base.extend({
    call: function() {
      if (!Ember.isEmpty(this.model.get( {
        if (!/.+@.+\..{2,4}/.test(this.model.get( {
          this.errors.pushObject("must be a valid e-mail address");

You can then use this validation in your controllers with the following syntax.

  email: {
    presence: true,
    email: true