Formatting Currency in EmberJS - 12 Apr 2015

Most applications have a need to format currency for their users. Doing so with an EmberJS application can be accomplished using components and AccountingJS.

To get started, you’ll first need to install the AccountingJS library. You can do so using bower with the following command:

  bower install accounting.js --save

You’ll then need to import that library by adding the following line to Brocfile.js. You might also want to update your .jshintrc file to reflect that accounting will be predefined.


You’ll then want to generate your component, and add in the following code.

  import Ember from 'ember';

  export default Ember.Component.extend({
    value: 0,

    formattedValue: function() {
      return accounting.formatMoney(this.get('value'), {
        precision: 2

And the template:


You can then use the following component call when you need to format a numeric value.

  {{format-currency value=totalCost}}