Moment - Javascript Time Library - 23 Mar 2015

Working with dates in javascript doesn’t have to be painful, the moment.js library provides a great set of tools for working with time. If you’re using NPM, you can get started with the following command:

  npm install moment --save 

You’ll then have access to a wide range of tools for formatting dates, as well as manipulating time. Here’s a few examples:

  // Monday
  moment().add(2, 'days')
  // Wednesday
  // An hour ago

You can add even more functionality in regards to dates, by also installing moment-range.

  npm install moment-range --save

Moment-range allows you to work with time ranges, which can be useful for a variety of problems.

Here’s a couple of examples:

  moment().range(moment(), moment().add(14, 'days')).by('days', function(d) {