Liquid Fire - EmberJS Transitions - 09 Mar 2015

Front-End applications are starting to feel more and more like native applications, and adding transitions to your website is a great way to enhance that experience. Like most things involving EmberJS, adding transitions is a breeze.

There are a lot of solutions out there geared towards adding rich animations to web applications. One of my favorite solutions is Famous, but with EmberJS, I like to use liquid-fire.

Liquid Fire makes adding transitions between Ember routes incredibly easy. It uses velocity to power its animations, and provides a nice DSL for adding transitions to your Ember app.

To get started with liquid-fire, you’ll first need to add the library to your Ember CLI application.

npm install --save-dev liquid-fire

Once that’s done, you can swap your {{outlet}} helper with {{liquid-outlet}}. You’ll then need to create an app/transitions.js file that will define your transitions.

Here’s an example that adds a swipe left/right feel to your transitions.

  export default function(){