My Vimrc - 04 Dec 2014

If you’re learning or thinking about learning Vim, one of the most important pieces is your .vimrc file. It’s important to being productive and understanding Vim that you also understand your .vimrc file. You want to make sure that you understand what every line in your .vimrc file is doing.

Finding a new command or plugin to add to your .vimrc is a great way to boost your productivity and happiness. There are a variety of tools for managing Vim plugins, the one I use is Vundle.

My favorite plugins for Vim are vim-fugitive and ctrlp.

vim-fugitive is a great plugin when you’re working in a project that uses git. It provides you with a variety of commands that provide additional functionality around git. My favorite command from the plugin is :GBlame, which is a great wrapper around git blame. It allows you to view the output of git blame inline with your file. You can then navigate to a specific line/commit and hit o. This will open that commit in a new pane, so you can view the message, description, and changes.

ctrlp.vim is an essential plugin that provides fuzzy file searching for vim. It allows you to quickly search for and open files in your project.

You can check out my complete .vimrc file here: