Node Script Monitoring with Forever - 15 Oct 2014

One of the tools I use to keep long running processes running in node is forever. Forever is a CLI tool that ensures a given script keeps running, as well as providing additional functionality.

I typically use forever to manage a variety of small node scripts and bots I run off of one of my servers. One of the nice things about forever is how simple it is to use. Starting up a new script is as simple as forever start your-script.js.

When something goes wrong with one of your scripts, you can run forever list to pull up a list of scripts you’re monitoring. This will also include the path of the corresponding log file, so you can quickly pull up the log for that specific script.

Restarting and stopping scripts is incredibly easy as well, which makes quickly updating your scripts painless. Overall, the best part about forever is that it just works. It’s been running a bot of mine without any issues for almost a year now, as well as other scripts for a shorter period of time.