Bash to Fish Shell - 27 Sep 2014

I’ve recently switched back to fish from bash, and been pretty happy with the change. Fish provides a variety of additional features over bash, but its main benefit is ease of use. Despite trying several recommended setups with zsh and bash, I’ve found fish’s auto complete to fit my needs the best.

fish shell

Getting fish setup on your machine is fairly straightforward. If you’re on OS X, I’ve found the easiest approach is using homebrew. You can install fish by running the following command:

` brew install fish `

I would then recommend setting up oh-my-fish, which provides several useful plugins and themes. Installing oh-my-fish can be done by running:

` curl -L | fish `

In order to migrate your ~/.bashrc file to ~/.config/fish/, you’ll need to update some of your syntax.

export GOPATH=$HOME/dev/go -> set -x GOPATH $HOME/dev/go

source ~/.shenv -> . ~/.shenv