Client Side Frameworks - 21 Sep 2014

There’s been a big push in the web development community towards single page applications. Frameworks like EmberJS and AngularJS have made it possible to build maintainable and robust web applications where javascript is a first class citizen.

One of the most exciting aspects of this movement is the amount of flexibility it provides developers. When building a standard document based web application, there’s a lot of tooling that developers need to be productive. This pushed web developers towards large frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Django.

With the emergence of front-end frameworks, developers no longer need to rely on the tool chains provided by these major web frameworks. Since we no longer need our servers to provide complete views, we can move towards simpler technologies to provide our JSON Apis.

While I would have been hesitant to use Go or Elixir when building a document based web application, I think they’re great solutions for serving JSON to an EmberJS or AngularJS application.