Podcasts - 05 Jan 2014

Podcasts have made my morning dog walks productive, and have been a great source of inspiration for me. Here are a few of my favorite programming specific podcasts.

Ruby Rogues

A Ruby focused podcast that also touches on general programming topics. If you enjoy the Ruby community, then you’ll love this podcast. They also have some great episodes on everyday topics, such as diversity and how to learn.

Javascript Jabbers

Ruby Rogues for javascript. While there’s a definite focus on javascript, you’ll also see some general topics here as well. Javascript Jabbers shares a host with the Ruby Rogues podcast, so you’ll find a lot of similarities.

Shop Talk

Entertaining podcast that discusses the latest in web development, with a focus on design. This is a great podcast for back-end developers that want to keep up with the latest design best practices.

Wide Teams

A podcast that interviews remote workers and teams. If you’re a remote worker, or you’re managing a remote team, then this is the podcast for you. Lots of great advice on work/life balance, productivity, communication, and getting out of the house.

The Changelog

If you’re looking to experiment with new technology, this is a great place to hear about the latest open source projects. You’ll also find a lot of great discussion around contributing to open source, as well as managing open source projects.

The Freelancer’s Show

Whether you’re an experienced freelancer, or you’re thinking about making the switch, there’s a lot of great information here. This podcast covers a wide range of topics for freelancers, such as finances, contracts, tools, and much more.

Thoughtbot Podcast

This podcast covers a lot of general business topics, and a variety of technical topics. Thoughbot is a Rails consultancy, so you’ll see a focus on Ruby and start-ups.