GoGaRuco 2012 - 16 Sep 2012

I attended my first Ruby conference this weekend in San Francisco. It was an incredible experience, and really showed me how amazing the development community is. While all of the speakers were incredible, my favorite talk of the conference was by Jack Danger Canty from Square.

He presented a talk on MonoRails applications. His talk went over various problems large applications encounter from data storage to working with multiple teams. It was a very well rehearsed presentation, and he covered a lot of design philosophies that I strongly believe in.

The main thing I took away from the conference is that isolated testing and services are the way of the future. Don’t be afraid to write a small class now if it’s going to make future development less painful. Use integration tests to ensure your objects communicate effectively, and unit tests to test that your classes are working correctly.

The future is ambiguous; your application and assumptions are going to change and you need to be prepared to deal with change.