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MyPizza.com is a Ruby on Rails application that focuses on serving independent and small chain pizza restaurants. The application allows your favorite local pizzeria to provide you with a complete online ordering experience.

The goal for the project has been to provide an easy to use and quick way for customers to order their pizza. A large focus has been placed to ensure our users can order from any device, and we even see orders placed through a variety of gaming consoles.

Personal Projects


The ComboSumo.com API runs on Express and RethinkDB. It's hosted through Digital Ocean. The client was built using EmberJS and the Materialize CSS framework.

The application itself serves as any easy to access resource for combos, guides, and other resources specific to the fighting game community. The main focus on the website is Street Fighter V content, but that will be expanded to more and more games.



MtgHub was a Ruby on Rails web application for Magic the Gathering fans. It was an attempt to create a collaborative environment for creating decks. It featured an interactive deck editor that visually displayed cards sorted by mana cost.

The project itself was built on a fairly straight forward Ruby on Rails stack with a focus on clean maintainable code. An API was also available that allowed users to fetch from the card database.